Sep 8/9.


2021’s conference is SOLD OUT.

Calling emerging teachers: we’ve been dreaming about this for a while and are happy to announce we are doing a two day practicum on all things teaching/speaking related. The 2 days will include homiletics, how to craft a sermon, best practices for study and research, emotional and spiritual dynamics, the triad of cultural commentary, biblical theology, and spiritual formation in a sermon, and how to teach not just for information and inspiration, but in the direction of transformation. Not to mention some good coffee and food trucks tossed in for good measure as well. Join us!


The Art of Teaching Conference.

Portland, OR – September 8/9 2021

A 2 day practicuum unpacking all things teaching and preaching related. Limited spots available!

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Most teachers and pastors want to preach and teach in a way that is compelling and powerful. But are they actually? That’s what this weekend is for.


The truth is most messages and content people are hearing from culture is powerful, compelling, moving, and alluring. But when we stand up and open up the scriptures it isn’t. But don’t we have the greatest story ever told? A collection of texts spanning thousands of years that have started revolutions, shaped entire societies, and turned the world upside down?

There is a better way.

And that’s where these two days come in. We will pull back the curtain and give you everything we’ve got. Sharing everything from technical sermon crafting to showing how to teach not just for information, but spiritual formation.

You can do this. We can do this. See you soon!

Limited spots available.

When & Where?

WHEN: September 8-9
WHERE: 2120 NE Tillamook St. Portland, OR

The conference will start at 9am on the 8th, and run through dinner time on the 9th. Expect 3-4 sessions per day with many coffee, food, and hangout breaks sprinkled in between.

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2021’s conference is SOLD OUT. Join the waiting list for next year’s conference above!


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Register below for 2 days full of practical wisdom, insight, and instruction from various teachers that will equip and encourage you in your teaching and preaching craft.


  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Because of the nature of this particular event, any and all payments made towards registration (including if you paid in full) will be fully refundable up until August 1st 2021. After that, refunds will no longer be available, but any and all registration fees paid can be applied to any future retreat or event or conference if you need to reschedule. This gives us time to be able to fill the vacancy while also covering the retreat cost per person not at a loss. Just email with any questions.