Maui work shop.

July 10-11, 2024



Spend 2 days nestled in the hills of Makawao, with John Mark, Jon and the Bethke’s and 45 other amazing people, as we unpack homiletics, sermon crafting, best practices for study and research, emotional and spiritual dynamics and so on. We will share meals and maybe even schedule in a surf break during the day, with some fish tacos after, because why not? Of course, only after we do the hard work of becoming better teachers and preachers! This workshop is for those who want to go deeper and farther in their craft, and be surrounded by like minded leaders, as we work through interactive content to do just that.



Makawao, HI
July 10-11, 2024

A 2 day workshop unpacking all things teaching and preaching related. Limited spots available!


What if you could preach and teach in a way that moved people? That formed people into deep change and transformation? What if you could wrestle with, ask, and lean into other people on that same journey? You can, and that is what the Maui workshop is for.

That’s where these two days come in. We will pull back the curtain and give you everything we’ve got. Sharing everything from technical sermon crafting to showing how to teach not just for information, but spiritual formation.

You can do this. We can do this. See you soon!

Only 35 spots available

Because of the nature and intimate ‘mastermind’ like quality of this event, we are capping the group at 35 total people for this year.

When & Where?

WHEN: JULY 10-11, 2024

The workshop will be hosted at the Bethke’s 2 acre farm, which is nestled at 3,000 elevation on Maui, HI. The area is only 15 minutes from the great north shore beaches, as well as Paia and Haiku and Makawao, some awesome quaint Maui towns.



You are more than welcome to stay anywhere you’d like on Maui, but we recommend the Lumeria Spa & Resort for it’s convenience to the workshop location (about 10 minutes away), or airbnb’s that are within the same area. We will also begin a Slack group 5-6 months in advance for those wanting to get an Airbnb together.

Your Hosts.


To educate: so much of teaching and preaching is learning, studying, listening and understanding. It’s a complex process with so many moving parts, with it also being enormously important as we are people who are shaped by what we hear and listen to. This workshop will demystify the process with tips from some world class teachers, teaching you about the craft and pulling back the curtain entirely on the process.

To create space: John Mark, Jon and Jeff have written handful of books, taught on stages across the world, preached thousands of messages, and so on. In doing so we can tell you there is absolutely nothing like carving out time and space to get together and get better at the craft. You can say you will grow in your teaching and preaching, but we all need those catalytic moments that provide energy and vision and sharpening for the entirety of our ministry. And this weekend is that–a space and spark, that hopefully changes the trajectory of your teaching to spur you on towards more compelling and transformative preaching and teaching.

To not do it alone: We have participated in, and also led, many mastermind style smaller intimate small groups of creatives and leaders. It is by far one of the most invaluable experiences to so many projects and ideas with the connections and growth that happens at these smaller ‘sleeves rolled up’ type events. To have other smart people, pursuing the same thing, and hear your particular struggle and help you with it in real time, it can change everything! And that’s why we are capping this group at 45 people, to protect and make sure we cultivate that exact space to sharpen and grow each other.






1 Registration

  • 1 ticket
  • All onsite meals included
  • Kickoff Night Dinner Party
  • 20% off Digital Masterclass

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  • How do I get to the property?

    It’s a scenic drive upcountry Maui, about 30 minutes from the airport, in Makawao. We will send out the address and directions as it gets closer!

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    Because of the nature of this particular event, any and all payments made towards registration (including if you paid in full) for the first 7 days of purchase. After that, refunds will no longer be available, but any and all registration fees paid can be applied to any future retreat or event or conference if you need to reschedule. This gives us time to be able to fill the vacancy while also covering the retreat cost per person not at a loss. Just email with any questions.

  • What expenses are included (food, etc)?

    Your registration covers your registration for 2 days of the events and all the meals onsite! We might head to town one day for a ‘choose your own lunch’ scenario but that’s it! Once on farm, we got you! We do not cover airfare, rental car, or lodging.